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3D Printing Advance Course for School Students

Age Group - Standard 9th to 12th 

Course Summary

STEM ( Science Technology Engineering Mathematics) education plays a significant role in the holistic development of students and 3D Printing is the backbone of STEM education. 3D Printing enables problem-solving, encourages students to work as a team, teaches special awareness, boosts creativity, and promotes entrepreneurial thinking.

Throughout the program, students will gain an in-depth understanding of the design principles, software and materials used in 3D printing,

Course Content

1. Introduction to 3D printing

2. Type of material used in 3D printing

3. Application and use of different materials 

4. Demo of 3D Printer

5. Introduction to the slicer software

6. Practical demo of slicer software.

7. Practical on 3D printing

8. Practical on slicer software

9. Projects 

Leaning Outcome

The course will help participants to design their own idea into prototypes, thus spurring innovation and entrepreneurship spirit, creating independent thinkers and preparing them for future skills

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