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Trad3D about us

Trad3D Technologies, started in 2018 with the intention to provide world-class products for 3D printing. We started with a single product PLA filament with 6 basic colors. Now, Trad3D manufacture 3D Printer filaments in 7 different materials and in 18 colors.  In 2019, we have established our online store Trad3D for selling our filaments and in 2021 we have launched our Made In India SLA/DLP Resins. Now we sell 3D Printer accessories procured from the best in class vendors across the globe.

Our mission is to be the India's best quality FDM filament, resins. 


Trad3D Why to choose us

Trad3D products are second to none and have an industry reputation for superior run reliability and overall quality. We use only prime virgin resins, colorants to ensure the reliability of our 3D printer filaments.

All filaments are produced using state-of-the-art equipment and process controls, undergoing rigorous testing and quality control. Our filaments maintain +/- 0.03mm dimensional tolerance to ensure excellent prints for your most demanding jobs.   

We recognize that innovation never stops and we are continuously assessing new polymers and processes to improve the already unparalleled quality and reliability of our filament products. 


We believe success is a great product delivered by a great team
We at Tråd3D are committed to manufacturing products with the highest quality standards. With years of combined expertise and knowledge in the manufacturing of polymer products, we are committed to ensuring the customer experience with us and with exceptional products.
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A technocrat, having 36 years of experience in polymer chemistry and plastic processing having expert knowledge in the area of Quality Assurance, Operations and Manufacturing, Innovation, Lean Manufacturing & Systems Implementation


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Abishek is a co-owner, taking care of manufacturing and quality assurance. A go-getter with strong leadership skills. He has “can do” attitude and is found on any given day doing whatever it takes to get orders out of factory.




Radhika is a co-owner, having experiance in office administration, client service, and finance. At Trad3D, Radhika provides assistance throughout the organization in the area of human resources, vendor management, accounting, and more!


Trad3D founder
Trad3D Co-owner
Radhika swami co-owner
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