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3D Printing Elementary for School Students 

For Standard 3rd to 5th 

Course Summary

We have developed the course considering their age and their curiosity for learning.This workshop will help your child adapt to “Learn by Doing” with a joyful experience. Students will get introduced to 3D printing Technology Basics ,applications.  Hands-on the tool such as 3D Pens and introduction to 3D Printers. every child is encouraged to design their own concept and 3d print it to give touch and feel the experience will definitely boost their self confidence.

Course Content

1. Introduction to 3D Printing

2. Materials used in 3D printing

3. Introduction to 3D Pen

4. How to use - Demo, Touch, and feel

5. Practical use of 3D pen

6. Draw and Play with a 3D Pen

7. Assignment in the group, question answer

8. Demo of 3D printer

Learning Outcome

After completing this course, students will have a basic understanding of 3D Printing Technology and usage of 3D Pen. The activities are focused on Interactive learning that will help to flourish their creativity and curiosity.

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