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ABS (Akrylonitril Butadien Styren)- more suitable for advanced makers- for both small and large prints- strong and tough material with a high surface hardness- impact and heat resistant (up to 90 °C)- acetone-soluble (easy post-processing)- Lesser smell and no Warpping (closed chamber)


About The Product

· High Quality & Toughness Enhanced – The material is known to be strong, tough, and durable. It’s forgiving to scratches and offers good resistance to heat, electricity, and everyday chemicals. ABS is a bit flexible and therefore less brittle than PLA.

· Easy-to-Use, Bubble-Free- ABS is much easier to file and sand than PLA. It can also be post-processed with acetone vapor, which completely removes all layer lines and provide a clean smooth surface finish.

· Wallet Friendly- It’s one of the cheapest/Wallet Friendly filaments around, with a 1-kg spool starting as low as $16. ABS offers a great value considering its superior mechanical properties, but be aware of the quality of the filament.

· Biodegradability- ABS is not biodegradable, however it is recyclable.

· Strength- ABS is often preferred due to its improved ductility over PLA. With a higher flexural strength and better elongation before breaking, 3D printed ABS can be employed for end use applications whereas PLA remains popular for rapid prototyping when form is more critical than function.

· Heat resistance- ABS (glass transition temperature of 105°C) is more suitable than PLA (glass transition temperature of 60°C). PLA can rapidly lose its structural integrity and can begin to droop and deform, particularly if under load, as it approaches 60°C.

3D Printer ABS Filament

₹1,600.00 Regular Price
₹650.00Sale Price
1000 gms Nett
  • · Made in India Filament

    · Consistent Diameters ABS (+or - )0.02 mm Filament.

    · ABS is consider Stronger than PLA and PLA+ filaments with wide industrial applications.

    · Multiple color combinations as per your choice.

    · Made from considerable, high-performance materials to give better product 

    · High Resolution Finish of Filament resulting in Smooth surface of     3d Printed articles.

    · Deliver exceptional performance


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