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The magic of lithophane is born from the play of light with the translucent character of porcelain. It projects warm lighting throughout the room by illuminating its interior and highlights the engraving that decorates it, producing surprising relief effects on its surface.

Improved classic, Version of PLA+ White Specially made for Lithophane lovers. The Filament prints without any strings at 198-200 °C. This filament has no bubbling, has best adhersion and gives the product the best liothophane finish when you keep it in light.

Lithophane White 3D Printer PLA+ Filament

₹1,250.00 Regular Price
₹899.00Sale Price
    • Consistent Diameter 1.75 mm Filament
    • PLA melting point: 150-160°C
    • PLA printing temperature: 180-230°C
    • Heated print bed: 65-70°C
    • Cooling: part cooling fan is necessary
    • Filament storage: airtight container
    • Deliver exceptional performance
    • Made from considerable, high-performance materials and Fully Biodegradable
    • Special grade for lithophane lovers
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