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Pneumatic fittings are ideally connectors; they provide the link between various pneumatic system components, including hoses, tubes, and pipes.

They tend to resemble hydraulic fittings, but they are defined by tighter seals. They are also characterised by lower pressure requirements. In addition, they are available in multiple connector types and help to control or stop air flow pressure.

These components are often available in various sizes and can be configured to match multiple tubing and connector requirements. Being able to identify and distinguish the different types of vessels connected to the system is important because it could help to determine the type of fittings considered to be appropriate.

The Pneumatic Coupler Air Connectors PC4-M10 4MM Straight Fitting For PTFE Bowden Tube 3D Printer is designed for polyurethane or nylon tubing. Made of nickel-plated brass for corrosion resistance. Even after installation, the direction of the tube can be changed freely.



1. 75mm Pneumatic Connectors for 4mm Ptfe Tube Quick Coupler for CR-10/CR10S DC-01 Ender-3

  • Thread size: m6
  • Material: brass and plastic
  • Quantity - 1 Nos

Pneumatic Connectors

₹280.00 Regular Price
₹180.00Sale Price
    1. The tube fitting comes in a wide variety of tube and thread sizes.
    2. Even after installation, the direction of the tubing can be changed freely.
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